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You have probably never thought of making your garage door brightly colored or a beautiful work of art to attract attention to your Lafayette, Indiana home or express yourself. Well, we just can’t say the same for these folks, who seem to be very passionate about the art of garage door decorating. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your own home. Or, maybe not…

They can paint with all the colors of the wind

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While this garage door might be a little bright, it certainly does attract attention. We can only assume that the owner of this garage door is a great time at parties… or maybe just got a great deal on paint.

Same bat time, same bat channel

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We are almost sure that this garage door is the back entrance to the bat cave, or maybe just the work of a super fan. Either way, Gotham has the hero it needs… as long as the latest villain is plain garage doors. 

Living large

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These are a large, glamorous example of the functional overhead garage doors you need. Adding a luxurious touch to what you already have probably seems a little more appealing than painting on the bat signal, anyway. 

Being an artist has its ups and downs

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While Nattinger Overhead Doors can provide you with a beautiful garage door for your Lafayette, Indiana home, we will leave it up to you to make it an urban art piece. Just remember to close the garage door so your neighborhood can be your gallery. The bad news: Charging admission requires a little more up and down motion than your usual art display might.

Garage door or canvas? It’s all up to you. 

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At Nattinger Overhead Doors, we can install and service the garage doors in your Lafayette, Indiana home. We can install unique, luxurious doors to add a functional yet beautiful touch to your home, or we can match your overhead door to your house or trim to make everything flow perfectly. We are even open to the idea of your white garage door becoming the canvas for a beautiful work of art, a colorful piece of self-expression, or a reminder for where to park your very own bat mobile.

Now that we’ve supplied you with a little one of a kind inspiration, our team of experts is ready to install or repair your garage door. Contact us for more information about all of the garage door services we offer in the greater Lafayette area. 


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