Garage Door Installer: All Your Options

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Garage Door Installer: All Your Options

So, for the third time in a month, your teenage son has put the car into drive instead of reverse and completely destroyed the garage door.

Apart from taking the keys away from little Gregory, you now have to replace the door, again. But since Gregory won’t be driving again until he’s…45, maybe, you’d like to look around for a real quality door instead of another quick fix.

Garage Door Installer Lafayette, Indiana

Let’s start with the classic option: the chain drive opener. This is one of the oldest and most widely used opener systems available.

It uses a chain, like a bicycle, to push a trolley along a track. The trolley is connected to something called a “j-arm,” which is what actually pulls the door up and down.

Although the chain drive type is usually the cheapest option, it does have one main drawback. Because of the metal-to-metal design of a chain pulling a trolley across your garage ceiling, it can be much noisier than other types of openers. Technology has improved the noisiness of these doors to a degree, but these openers are still a more popular option for detached garages and much less so for garages that have a bedroom above them.

Some people find the noise level useful, as it alerts them to people coming and going, which can be particularly helpful if no one is supposed to be there!

Other Garage Door Options

Although chain drive openers are the most common, there are plenty of other types of openers available from your garage door installer in Lafayette, Indiana that have their own high and low points.

Belt drives are a popular sort of “luxury” option. They work much like chain drives, but they replace the chain with a belt made of either fiberglass, polyurethane, or steel-reinforced rubber. The main benefit to this type of opener is the lower noise level. Without the metal chain scraping against the track, the vibrations and noises are significantly reduced. If your garage is positioned underneath a bedroom, this is a particularly good option. Belt drives are as reliable as chain drives, but they tend to be more expensive.

Screw drive systems are designed differently than chain or belt types. They use a threaded rod that is turned by a motor and moves the trolley across the track. Due to the simplicity of the design, they tend to be easier to maintain. Weather has a dramatic effect on them, however, and they will need more maintenance if you live in an area with large temperature shifts. Other downsides include the price and the noise. They are definitely noisier than belt drives and tend to be the most expensive option of the bunch.

For More Information

These are not the only types of opener systems, but they are the most common. For a more complete list, contact Nattinger Overhead Doors, your premier garage door installer in Lafayette, Indiana at (765) 426-9479 or visit the garage door systemssection of their website.

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